Consider these five guidelines, when purchasing business insurance.

Follow these steps to evaluate the most suitable insurance for your business and secure comprehensive coverage to minimize risks.

The provided information is courtesy of the U.S. Small Business Administration. To explore further insights on insurance, visit their website.

Evaluate Your Risks:

Insurance companies assess risk levels during underwriting. This process involves reviewing your application to determine the coverage they will provide.

Understand the premium (insurance cost) and deductible (amount paid when making a claim). Higher deductibles can lower premiums but increase financial risk. Assess your risks before shopping for insurance.

Shop Around:

Utilize resources like the National Federation of Independent Businesses for insurance guidance. Coverage extent and costs vary among companies.

Some brokers specialize in specific business types, ensuring tailored policies. Shop around to find the best coverage and rates. Specialist brokers often excel in securing optimal coverage for your business activities.

Consider a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP):

Evaluate the advantages of a Business Owner’s Policy, bundling common coverage options at a cost-effective premium. BOPs typically include property, general liability, vehicles, business interruption, and more.

Find a Reputable Agent:

Seek a licensed commercial insurance broker who understands your business needs. A reputable broker prioritizes your needs over their commissions. Ensure they comprehend all risks associated with your business.

Licensing is crucial, as state governments regulate and license insurance brokers. Many states offer directories of licensed agents.

Assess Coverage Annually:

Regularly review your insurance coverage, especially as your business expands. Growing operations mean increased liabilities.

Avoid being underinsured by discussing changes with your insurance broker. Whether you’ve acquired new equipment, expanded, or replaced assets, assess how these factors impact your coverage.

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