Top 10 Best Online Law Schools in Usa 2024

If you want to make a successful career in law, then Juris Doctorate (JD) program is compulsory. After That, you go for a bar exam that is tricky and requires skill to clear comfortably.

So high standard law schools in the USA are the best option for you, where ABA (American Bar Association) sets the baseline of legal education for every US-based law school.

So that you can make yourself updated, knowledgeable, and advanced with all required skills and certification to make a successful career in law. But if you are a working adult looking for the Best Online Law Schools in Usa. Then our Top 10 Best Online Law Schools in Usa 2021 is for you.

1. Private Bellevue University in Nebraska, USA

Washington magazine introduced Bellevue University as one of the best colleges for adult students and non-traditional students. Although it’s reported that 50k graduate students learn from this accerdetic online academy, 80% of undergraduate students are below 25 age.

Established in 1966 as a nonprofit private university and one of the best national leaders who take responsibility to prepare students for their long career journey.

US News and world report give #230 position for Bellevue University’s bUniversity’sne programs. Bellevue University is well known for its higher learning commission, which allows distance learners to complete their goals with advanced knowledge at an affordable price.

Bellevue University offers online legal studies, where you are updated by the basics of the law, civil legal systems, criminal law, ethics in law, policy, judicial system, etc.

Known For – Affordable colleges / 50k graduates worldwide / preparing for academic and professional careers.

Acceptance rate – 100%

Online classes – 6-week training program

Regional ranking – #119

Graduation rate – 59%

2. Regent University Online In Virginia Beach, USA

This national law school was founded in 1977 by Pat Robertson, who holds a strong political background in the USA. Regent University offers both on-campus and online programs for worldwide students.

In this Regent law school, You can complete both graduate and undergraduate degrees in law studies by sitting in your comfort zone. This national law school is more popular for its high-quality business, communication, and law studies.

Known For – No 1. online bachelor program in the state

Acceptance rate – 43%

National ranking – 49

Online classes – 4 Years to complete

World ranking – 150

Graduation rate – 71%

3. State University in Pennsylvania – World Campus

Penn State University is the second-largest online world campus for distance education that offers high-quality and highly respective degrees. Including 150+ graduate and undergraduate programs, certifications for worldwide students.

Although not you, Penn State university easily manages 20k virtual learners worldwide. Suppose you are looking for an online law study.

Known For – High-quality teaching, World-class facilities but in an Expensive Environment

Acceptance rate – 54.26%

National ranking – #63

Online classes – 1-year salary based training need first

Graduation rate – 37.7%

4. Hodges Private University In Naples, Florida, USA

This private university, established in 1990, started as an international college in Florida. But still, Hodges Private University ranked in the best virtual colleges list 2021 in this state.

All because of their comprehensive online education for working adults. This private university is regionally accredited for high-quality online bachelor’s, bachelor’s masturbation programs.

Known For – Top 10 best colleges for masters in law

Acceptance rate – 77%

National ranking – 379

Online classes – Flexible format

World ranking – 4274

Graduation rate – 26.2%

5. Liberty University In Virginia, USA

Jerry Falwell is the founder of Liberty University, which started in 1971. But the fact is most of their students are online learners, although the university contains a 7000 acres size campus in Lynchburg.

It is one of the reputed and accredited private institutes in the southeastern United States. University believes in Christian ideology and works as a nonprofit private institute.

Known For – High-quality legal studies, business, Psychology.

Acceptance rate – 51.1%

National ranking – 298

Online classes – 8 weeks format

Graduation rate – 33.8%

6. Keiser University in Florida, USA

Dr. Arthur Keiser and Evelyn Keiser. Established in 1977, nonprofit institute that offers career-focused on-campus and online degrees for worldwide students. At this present moment, Keiser University is the second-largest post-graduate institute in Florida.

They offer both bachelors and arts. Including criminal justice, legal studies, policies, etc., Keiser is accredited by COC and SACS for their convenient e-learning programs.

Known For – Business and Management, Psychology, legal studies, and Health Services.

Acceptance rate – 85%

National ranking – 284

Online classes – On-site and hybrid format

Graduation rate – 66% in 2019

7. the University Of Chicago in Illinois, USA

Listed on no four-position USnews for the Best Online Law Schools 2021. It is a private research university established in 1890.

For over 130 years, this reputed public institute has offered world-class graduate, undergraduate, bachelor, and master’s students who can apply for this well-reputed institute for online law courses.

Known For – corporate law, philosophy, and legal history.

Acceptance rate – 9$

National ranking – #6 in 2020

Online classes – Clinical Trials Management

Graduation rate – 92%

8. Dominican University In River Forest, Illinois, USA

Another most popular private Catholic university from Illinois is well-known for fully designing online and hybrid programs. This university ranked on no ten regionally for the best online degree courses.

Both on and off-campus are available; if you wish, you can take any bachelor and graduate law courses from their advanced legal study programs, including constitutional law, business law, legal ethics, philosophy, environmental law, etc.

Known For – Bachelor’s degBachelor’saw degrees

Acceptance rate – 64%

National ranking – 10

Online classes – Flexible and career-focused

Graduation rate – 62.4% in 2019

9. University of New York

One of the oldest, reputed and high-profile private research universities based in the state of new york, USA. Established in 1831 with the help of some new yorkers but it is now a globalized institute that contains internationally located campuses like Abu Dhabi and Shanghai.

Known For – Visual and Performing Arts, Marketing, Liberal Arts, and Health Professions

Acceptance rate – 16.25

National ranking – 30

Online classes – 8 to 16 weeks course format

Graduation rate – 85%

10. Villanova University in Philadelphia

Established in 1842 as a private Catholic research university located in Pennsylvania, 12 km west of Philadelphia.

Villanova University contains six schools where students get offered 100+ bachelor’s andbachelor’sdegremaster’sberal arts, science, engineering, nursing, and professional law study, etc.

Known For – hands-on training, rewarding legal careers, 11th best private law school

Acceptance rate – 48.53%

National ranking – 62

Online classes – Zoom, in-person, and hybrid format

Graduation rate – 82.4%

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